Green Safaris Conservation Foundation

Supports communities and conservation of wildlife in Sub-Saharan Africa

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our objective

Generating and deploying funds to support:

  • conservation of the African wildlife in general, and in particular in the areas where Green Safaris owns or operates lodges in a sustainable way
  • improving the livelihood of communities in the areas where Green Safaris operates lodges
  • the local communities in dealing with the Corona-crisis, in terms of prevention, hygiene and safety and employment.

The Foundation has the ANBI status and operates as a not-for profit.



The foundation supports several projects in Zambia and Malawi. In addition, given the disappearance of tourism by Corona, we support all kinds of COVID Kindness’ initiatives. This means that in 2020 a large part of the lodge employees, in the absence of guests, will now be committed to a wide variety of projects in the local communities.

Would you like more information about or contribute to these projects, then please send us an email or make a donation quoting the project of your preference. You can find the details at every project.

Projects in Zambia

Ila Community Farm

The Foundation supports the setup of a community farm, just outside the gate of the Kafue National Park in Zambia

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Projects in Malawi

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