The Foundation has sponsored a pilot project developed by a Dutch tech collective, Hack the Planet, dedicated to improve the monitoring of poaching activity, both as a deterrent and as a means to increase the effectivity of law-enforcement. See:

The pilot has been co-sponsored by the WWF Netherlands Inno Fund.

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Your donation will then be allocated to this project from the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. Thank you for your help!


Conservation technology largely consists of two categories: tools to monitor and study wildlife and their habitats, and solutions to mitigate or prevent negative human impacts. The fight against poaching in particular requires those human-centered solutions, along with a certain level of creativity and a thoughtful approach to the complex socioeconomic issues that contribute to the poaching crisis, impacting poachers and rangers in the region.

With their new “Hack the Poacher” system, innovators Tim van Deursen and Thijs Suijten present a unique tech system that aims to deter poaching in protected national parks, preventing conflict and aiding rangers in their ongoing fight against wildlife crime.