The Foundation has initiated a project dedicated to reduce the amounts of (plastic) waste on the island. It seeks to reduce the use of plastic, provides a waste collection infrastructure, and invests in the education and awareness of the school-children on the island on the relevance to keep Likoma clean.

Part of the project are awareness campaigns and activities:Likoma plastic project

  • Engagement with key influencers including Pastors Union, Village Chiefs, District Council and members of Parliament
  • World Environment Day celebration and community clean up
  • Schools environmental education program
  • Island wide clean up competitions
  • Football league sponsored by Clean up Likoma, where the villages of the teams playing must be clean before the match commences
  • Community radio, billboards, painted signage around main town
  • Plastic Recycling initiative as income generator for island women
  • Village Film Screenings on environmental issues

The project started in 2018 and will be ongoing.

Would you like to support this project?

Donations are very welcome! You can make a donation referring Likoma Clean-Up project via PayPal, Credit Card or contribute directly via this link.

Your donation will then be allocated to this project from the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. Thank you for your help!