The Foundation sponsors several projects to improve the quality of healthcare provided on Likoma island. Both in terms of infrastructural needs of the islands clinic, and by sponsoring students from the island who want to study medicine. There is one hospital on the island.

Many of the stipends provided to students are con-sponsored by guests visiting Kaya Mawa, the lodge situated on the island.

Several things were realised in 2019:

  • the hospital pharmacy has been renovated, support of supply of necessary medications, a shelter for patients has been created,and the air conditioning has been repaired.
  • a scholarship for a student who will become a surgeon on the island from 2026
  • renovating homes for employees
  • medical equipment including an industrial washing machine, digital thermometers, anesthetic machine and an incubator
  • supporting Ufulu, an organisation that provides women with environmentally friendly menstrual resources
  • supporting a fundraising concert by the local band for the benefit of the community
  • contribution to meet basic post-flood needs in 2019 for housing, building materials, blankets, clothing, eating utensils, food, drinking water and mosquito nets through

The project started in 2018 and will be ongoing.

Would you like to support this project?

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