The Foundation has sponsored the Lukanga Community School in Nalusanga, just outside the Kafue National Park, with the construction of 3 extra classrooms and extra school furniture, donated from the Netherlands.

Schools in Zambia are currently closed for an unknown period due to Corona. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as online education. The one Lukanga Community School building projectadvantage is that the teachers can now fully focus on building. The foundation for the school is there and they are currently working on the pillars that will hold the roof. For the construction we have advised on main use of the very sustainable sandbag-building method, which was previously used during the build of Ila Safari Lodge. In doing so, we have minimized the CO2 footprint of this expansion.

We expect to open the new classrooms in July 2020.


Would you like to support this project?

Donations are very welcome! You can make a donation referring Lukanga Community School via PayPal, Credit Card or contribute directly via this link.

Your donation will then be allocated to this project from the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. Thank you for your help!